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http://adfhowto.blogspot.com (Oracle ADF/Weblogic oriented)
http://sdoulger.blogspot.com (Software development and more)
7 / 7 / 1977
Marital Status
Military Obligations

Work Experience

November 2008today:

Oracle ADF Consultant/Software Engineer.  I have participate in one of the first attempts to migrate an old big scale Oracle Forms 6i application (around 250 forms) to Oracle ADF 11g (more on Oracle Press Release).  During the project   I was involved in:
  • Developing using all the features that the ADF framework provides such as: ADF Business Components, ADF Task Flows, ADF Faces Rich Client (JSF, ADF rich AJAX components, Trinidad components etc).
  • Designing: I was involved in providing the proper design based on the analysis of the functionality of the existing Oracle Forms 6i application, so as to provide solutions in order for the migration to be feasible, resolving any incompatibilities and problems while trying to implement the same functionality in Forms
  • Reviewing: Code reviewing, inspecting the implementation and functionality of the work performed by developers, checking the developing decisions that were adopted, verifying that Company’s Developing Standards  were followed in order for the deliverable to reach the expected quality state  before Testing.
  • Developers’ assisting: Helping developers to workaround problems, implement the functionality by utilizing the framework features and avoiding discourage practices.
  • Code Quality: Partitipated in the team that developed a ADF Code Quality Tool that generated reports of the currently developing code (ADF metadata is based on xml files and common tools like PMD, FindBugs did not provide sufficient results)
  • Continuous Integration: Design and developing the automated CI process of the developed application to Weblogic Server 11g (10.3.+). This involved Ant Scripting, Hudson tweaking/configuration, WLST scripitng  and Weblogic Administrating.
The production process was based on Agile methodology and strict deadlines were kept. 

January 2007 – November 2008:

Intracom Telecom S.A. Digital Media & Internet Technologies - Content Delivery Systems Dept.
  • Software Engineer in developing solutions for improving the performance (clustering, load balancing, session replications, scalability) of EDGE server  of the fs|cdn platform that is developed by the department.

October 2006 –  January 2007:

G.N.T Information Systems S.A.
  • Software Engineer in designing and developing Integrated Information Systems.

May 2005 – September 2006:

Reserve Officer of Signal Corps, Army National Guard.
  • Telecommunication and IT Consultant of Signal Corps. As a Section Manager 5b of  the 5th Office of Signal Corps Administration, Army General Staff, I was responsible for the editing the Technical Specifications for the equipment that the Signal Corps of Hellenic Army are willing to supply.
  • Officer of Information Security and responsible of the IT infrastructure of the Signal Corps  School.

2000 – 2005:

Technical support for PC Hardware & Software as freelance.

March 1999 – September 1999:

System and Network Administrator of the Computer Network of Telecommunication Lab, Electronics Department, TEI of Athens.
  • System and Network Administration of the Telecommunication lab (user policies and privileges, file sharing, www access, Email services, proxing).
  • Migration of the existing Win NT 4.0 based infrastructure into a Suse Linux 6.0 based.


Electrical and Computer Engineer , National Technical University of Greece.
Grade: 7.68/10
Direction of Expertise: Information Technology. Flows of Direction: Computer Software, Communications and Computer Networks and Administration and Decision.
Dissertation: Application development for relating XML data structures with other data sources and other xml data structures.


ΜSc in Data Communications Systems,  Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom.
Grade: 69%
Course modules: Data Communications, Computer Networks, Coding for Compression & Data Security, Network Planning, Procurement, Regulation and Services, Satellite, Optical and Mobile Communication Systems, Data Communication Workshop, Software Engineering and Real Time Systems, Project Management
Dissertation: Comparison of the estimation methods of Lyapunov exponents for non linear systems of discrete and continuous time whether when the system is known or based on experimental results.


Electronic Engineer with Telecommunication orientation. Technological Educational Institutions of Athens. Grade: 7.8/10
Obtained a scholarship in all semesters for my performance from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece.
Dissertation: Administration of a Multi-Vendor network


Graduation from the 2nd Middle School of Chalandri with the grade 18.3/20

IT Skills
  • Programming Languages: Java, AspectJ,  C/C++, C#, .NET, SQL, Basic, Pascal, Matlab
  • Frameworks & Technologies: Oracle ADF 11g, JSF, Spring, Struts, JavaScript, various AJAX Rich Client Frameworks, XSLT, ASP,  EJB 3.0, Hibernate, TERRACOTTA (Clustering solution),
  • Databases: MySQL, OracleMS SQL server,
  • Servers/Tools: Weblogic 11g (10.3), JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP server, Hudson, Ant,  Log4j
  • Greek: native language
  • English: Very Well (due to M.Sc. studies).

Additional Information
  • Photography, Drawing, Sports, Music, Movies.

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