14 February 2011

Change JDeveloper's system directory (system11.1.1.x.x.xx.xx)

Last updated: 20/2/2011

In the case of JDeveloper the system dir is named: system11.

Its default path is:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\JDeveloper\

Unfortunately this is a really long path (windows have a limit on the max file path), which additionally contains spaces.

So if you want to change it, eg put it under C:\JDeveloper where  mywork  is,
you can set the environment variable:
JDEV_USER_DIR =C:\JDeveloper

Note1: Where it is defined that this env var changes the JDeveloper's system dir?
The property file that defines this environment variable is
there you ll find
# The ide.user.dir.var specifies the name of the environment variable
# that points to the root directory for user files.  The system and
# mywork directories will be created there.  If not defined, the IDE
# product will use its base directory as the user directory.
ide.user.dir.var = JDEV_USER_HOME,JDEV_USER_DIR

Note2: What is  JDeveloper's system dir is all about?
This directory  is the place where
  • JDeveloper stores all of its settings
  • The DefaultDomain of the embedded weblogic is located and so the places the the running Fusion app is deployed
  • and generally all of the settings of a running JDeveloper are stored
So if your JDeveloper does not open you can go this dir and delete forcing it JDeveloper to recreate.

Note 3: How to find where your  JDeveloper's system dir is located?
When embedded WLS starts (that is when you run your  fusion web app from JDeveloper) you can see in the console the  location of your system.
eg. The console when app starts and in bold the system path

** Using port 7101 ***
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\JDeveloper\system11.\DefaultDomain\bin\startWebLogic.cmd
[waiting for the server to complete its initialization...]

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