14 January 2011

What ADF Error Messages mean (eg. JBO-xxxxx or ADFC-xxxxx etc. )

Last Update: 17/1/2011

Errors, that you can see in the log files of your app, source from middleware (ADF part) or DB. In the reference below a Source/Caution and an Action is provided to help resolve the problem

On the top I created a page "SEARCH ADF ERROR MESSAGES", that can help in locating the problem. It searches all the Error Message types referenced below.

Fusion Middleware Error Messages

In the link below are all the error message regarding the Fusion Middleware

where you ll find also 

JBO Error Messages
It is a subpart of Fusion Middleware Error Messages.
So, check the link above (JBO Error Messages)
Check also Business Components for Java Error Messages. There are some errors not mentioned in the above link

ORA Error reference
Regarding Oracle DB error messages check:

If you need an older version google for "Oracle<the BD version you want> Database Error Messages"
Also here you can find a search utility too.

BEA Error reference
This are the error produced from Weblogic (BEA was the company created Weblogic before Oracle buy BEA)
Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle WebLogic Server Message Catalog 11g Release 1 (10.3.4)

dig more:


  1. hi Mr.Spyros
    i need to learn Oracle ADF so i need to know how many can i take of time to learn it??
    -i can develop application with JSF, EJB and Hibernate

  2. Hi Mr. Amr,
    It depends what level of learning you are talking about:

    Newbiew - build simple pages with basic logic: it is pretty easy because ADF intends to be a 4GL so with all the wizards and stuff you ll be doing pages in no time. Let's say less than a month.

    Intermediate - going beyond the basic/shipped functionality. This means overwriting the base classes of ADF Bussiness components and put your custom logic. Regarding ADF Faces I think it ll be easier considering your JSF background. If you do not have a guidance from a ADF Guru in your team this might take a while, so let's say around 6 months.

    Expert/Oracle ACE - You are really know what you are doing. This is counted in years.

    Key factors:
    What people are in your team.
    If you have an Oracle ACE or ADF Guru on your team the learning effort will be reduced a lot.

    Find a book.
    There are a lot ADF books in the last 1 year. Developer's guide is good but in my opinion not suitable for ADF entry point developers.

    Use blogs/OTN:
    If you get stuck (and you will but not as often as a couple years before :) ) always search and ask. ADF has a good community. Check/Search my blogs list and you ll find an answers.


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