05 January 2011

The easiest way to check SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11g

Last update: 15/2/2011

Update: The following link seems not to be working any more. Check Pre-Built Developer Virtual Machines for new alternative.

Just use the Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11g.
All necessary instructions are located in the link above.

Things that might trouble you are:

Replace all contents of combine.com (if you are on Windows)  with
echo Combining parts into vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk ...
copy /B vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk.001+vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk.002+vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk.003+vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk.004+vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk.005+vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk.006+vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk.007 vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk
as it is stated in the containing xml or download the new version in http://edelivery.oracle.com/otn/other/virtualbox/soavbox/combine.cmd .

You might want to tune the memory assigned to virtual machine. Go to Settings and set it according to your needs. For booting the virtual machine less than 1.5Gigs but for working with SOA Suite you might need even more than assigned by default.

After starting the virtual machine,  you ll see that Oracle XE boots at start up, but not WLS. You cannot boot WLS with
related scripts are also there.

All necessary passwords and given in the top link and in the Read me located at virtual machines desktop

In order to access the services running in the virtual box from your host you must configure port forwarding in VirtualBox for each port of a service
eg for OracleXE that listens to 1521
VBoxManage modifyvm "vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2-bp1-otn_1" --natpf1 "guestdb,tcp,,1521,,1521"
See my related link for more VirtualBox: Configure networking for running server on virtual guest

Finally, check here for more virtual machine images that might interest you.

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