21 April 2011

Oracle Interview Questions Part 1 by Vinay Kumar

Nice Post by Vinay

Below are the question answered:

Q: Lifecycle of a Web Page Request Using Oracle ADF and JSF
Q: What is Action Listener ?
Q: What are business Component In ADF.Describe them?
Q: What is Top Link?
Q: What is Managed Bean?
Q: What is Backing Bean?
Q: Difference between Backing Bean and Managed Bean?
Q: What do you mean by Bean Scope?
Q: What are the different kinds of Bean Scopes in JSF?
Q: How to declare the page navigation (navigation rules) in faces-config.xml file in ADF 10g?
Q: Setting the range of table
Q: Which component in ADF BC manages transaction ?
Q: Can an entity object be based on two Database Objects(tables/views) or two Webservices ?
Q: Where is that we write business rules/validations in ADF and why?
Q: What are the JSF life-cycle phases?
Q: Explain briefly the life-cycle phases of JSF?
Q: What is setActionListener?


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  2. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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