15 February 2011

SVN comment template

Each commit should have the appropriate comments as a good developing practise.
In order not to write again and again the same comments we can use SVN comment templates

So when we are about to commit a source for the 1st time
Click comment templates
and Add
 here set you template

You can have of course more than 1 template and moreover JDeveloper keeps history of the previous comments. Just click the down arrow next to the comment.


  1. I can't believe people still use the JDeveloper's prehistoric subversion client.

  2. Believe it or not they do :)

    Actually is not that bad. It's is convenient cos you got to resolve conflicts with JDeveloper editors, you have one tool to do the job (no need to switch between tools) and local history is integrated with SVN history. It was a bit slow before but I think it's been improved. Also sometimes it got stuck and did not show you the uncommited changes. Finally, it lacks the "Show log" functionality of TortoiseSVN (Mr Charalabidis @ jdeveloperfaqs.blogspot.com has created such an extension).

    There are other reason's also but there are beyond teh scope of this blog :D


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