06 June 2011

Understanding ADF Error Codes

Last updated: 5/9/2012
ADF Error Codes is another very helpful page when troubleshooting located in Oracle Wiki.  Just mentioning some error codes that the page is dealing with:

JBO Errors
  •  "46 JBO-24000 to JBO-80008
  • CSMessageBundle in ADF 10.1.3 : Defines the error codes and default error messages for operations on business objects.
  • JBO-25002: 
  • JBO-25005: 
  • JBO-25014
  • JBO-25030: 
  • JBO-25058:
  • JBO-26001: 
  • JBO-26041: 
  • JBO-26061: 
  • JBO-27014: 
  • JBO-27122: 
  • JBO-28006:
  • JBO-28200: 
  • JBO-29000
  • JBO-30003: 
  • JBO-35007
ORA Errors
  • ORA-22816
Errors not catagorized by error codes

Many thanx to Chris Muir for helping me tracking the page relocations :)


  1. Hi Spyros

    For reference the Wiki page has been moved to the ADF EMG website as the Oracle wiki is now dead: https://sites.google.com/site/oracleemg/adf/link/understanding-adf-error-codes


  2. Thanx a lot!

    My Congrats on the site of ADF EMG! A lot of very helpful staff there!

  3. And another move, the page can be found here now: https://wikis.oracle.com/display/jdeveloperandadf/ADF+Error+Codes



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