21 July 2011

TROUBLESHOOTING: The domain edit lock is owned by another session in non-exclusive mode (WLS deployer)

[Deployer:149163]The domain edit lock is owned by another session in non-exclusive mode - this deployment operation requires exclusive access to the edit lock and hence cannot proceed. If you are using "Automatically Aquire Lock and Activate Changes" in the console, then the lock will expire shortly so retry this operation.

Actually what Deployer is trying to tell you is that it tried to deployed but another user has Lock and Edit the domain . More regarding Lock and Edit in this related post.

In other not to fail but exist gracefully leaving you deployment to be applied when the Lock is released, then use nonexclusivelock option.

Using this option you ll get the following message, if another user has avquire the lock and the script will not fail:
[wldeploy] Operation is pending and will be activated or cancelled when the ongoing edit session is activated or cancelled.

In case if you use a wldeploy ant task, here is an example script

<project name="deploy" default="deploy">
<property file="deploy.properties" />

<!-- Setting TaskDefinition -->
<taskdef name="wldeploy" classname="weblogic.ant.taskdefs.management.WLDeploy">
        <pathelement location="${wldeploy.home}/weblogic.jar"/>
<!-- Deploying Applications  -->
<target name="deploy">
<wldeploy action="deploy"
          usenonexclusivelock="true" />
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