29 August 2011

Modify massively ADF BC xml and ADF jspx pages preserving file text format (without loosing SVN history)

The Problem
ADF BC and also ADF pages are xml files. Sometimes you want to massively change all the files of your application. Typical examples are when you want to change the template of all jspx pages of your application or the bundle that all your entities and/or ViewObjects are using. You might easily do it with DOM but then you ll loose the SVN history, because DOM rewrites all the file and the text format will be lost. Other alternative is to do it by hand, but when you have 1000 of files in your application then this might take enough time.

The tool
If you want to do it automatically and modify only the part of the file that is needed (and so preserve SVN history), check my post Modifying xml without changing the text format (and so without loosing SVN history) for a small tool that I developed to help you perform this task.


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