14 March 2011

Refreshing page components with BC UI Hints/Control Hints changes

Sometimes you change something in the UI Hints of an BC and it is not reflected to the page.

The reason is the page is not refreshed properly with the changes.

To refresh it perform the following:

  • Re Build Model Project
  • Refresh Data Controls
  • Full Refresh the page (1st choose design mode)

1 comment:

  1. Dude... thanks a lot for putting this together.

    After spending more than 4 hours trying to find the failure point, it was all a refresh problem!
    You saved my day in the last hour of work... shame on Oracle that this is not refreshed automatically when you just rebuild the application.

    I belive the key point here is the refresh of the Data Controls...

    Anyway, thanks for the insight!


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