30 May 2011

Enable -Xverbose Command line option of JRockit when running Weblogic

Last update: 31/5/2011

Go to JDeveloper's System Directory, DefaultDomain, bin

Edit setDomainEnv.cmd with:

Add in EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES the -Xverbose Command line option you want
eg. If you want to ebable -Xverbose:exceptions=debug
set EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES=-Djps.app.credential.overwrite.allowed=true %EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES%
set EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES=-Djps.app.credential.overwrite.allowed=true -Xverbose:exceptions=debug 
(the above line in one line)

The result will be something like
Note: That in the above screenshot the embedded WLS is configured to run with JRockit, because Xverbose is a JRockit option.

The problem is that after the application is deployed and the page is is prompted, output is redirected to stderr and nothing is logged in JDeveloper log pane
So it is better to running from the bat script in the DefaultDomain. See below on how to redirect the output.

Redirect output 
You may want to

startWebLogic.cmd > sdout.log  2> sderr.log

That Create 2 files

Note: There is also a more convenient way with -XverboseLog .

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