16 May 2011

Utility to remove once and for all the *.rdf file error

As it is referred in OTN's post: RDF file xml error (quoting below)
I am trying to run the AM and somehow I am getting the following compilation error in file: \src\cs\model\view\mdssys\mdx\VO.xml.rdf
Error(1,1): : XML-20108: (Fatal Error) Start of root element expected.
I don't see anything in that file and i have now idea how that file is being used or got generated....

any help is really appreciated.....

The solution  is actually described in my other post TROUBLESHOOTING: Compilation error - XML-20108: (Fatal Error) Start of root element expected. in rdf files. More details below.
The solution to permanently remove the rdf problem once and for all (because if you just delete the files, they ll reappear) is to (quoting Amir Khanof):
open the file RDF( already you see it on the log) put these line (see below) on it and push save

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

RDF Cleaner is a tiny utility developed to perform the above for you. It search filesystem and for every rdf file it finds, add the above xml code in order not to complain again.

You can download it here.

Extract zip

Right Click Edit *.bat file

Set MY_APPLICATION_PATH with the path of you application


Run bat file.

Also below is an ant target to run the util:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
<project default="clean_RDF">
  <target name="clean_RDF">
    <fail unless="env.MY_APPLICATION_PATH" 
      message="Environment variable MY_APPLICATION_PATH 
       (with the project's path) is needed to run!"/>
    <fail unless="env.JDEV_UTILS_ROOT" 
      message="Environment variable JDEV_UTILS_ROOT 
       (pointing to the rdf cleaner jar) is needed to run!"/>
    <java jar="${env.JDEV_UTILS_ROOT}/RDFCleaner.1.0.jar" fork="true">
      <arg line="${env.MY_APPLICATION_PATH}"/>

Special thanx to Evgenia Maniati for offering this utility.

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