21 July 2011

How to configure the Active Directory Provider Specific settings in your Weblogic

In a previous article Setting up MS Active Directory as Authenticator Provider in Weblogic, it is described how to set Active Directory Provider.
Now we ll see how to see the Provider Specific settings based on your Actice Directory structure that was not mentioned then.

Open the Active Directory Provider that you want to configure its Specific setting 

On Host and Port provide the related ones.

Open Active Directory Users and Computers from the Administrative Tools

In the WLS's Provider Specific settings, set the Principal field based on the Username, User folder and domain name.
As we can see from above the Principal would be:


As you can notice dc=com is because the .com in the domain name.

In the Credential type the one provided by your Administrator.

In the WLS's Provider Specific settings, set the User Base DN:
ou=Users,ou="Your Organizational Unit",dc=YourDomain,dc=com
based on the following:

 Set the Group Base DN:
ou="Your Organizational Unit", dc=YourDomain,dc=com
based on the following:

Note: use "" when you name contains spaces.

The value of the fields that you depend on the structure of your AD and might vary in your case.


  1. How ca i retrieve the users with this format in weblogic (domainname/username) e.g MASTER-DOMAIN\m.tarek

    1. Hi Mohamed,
      Could you please be more specific?


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