06 July 2011

Setting up MS Active Directory as Authenticator Provider in Weblogic

How to do it
Got to:
Security Realms
My realm
Click: New
     Name eg. ADProvider,
     Type: ActiveDirectoryAuthenticator


All the Providers will be displayed.
Click Reorder
Set the new Provider to be on top

 Open again the newly created Provider

Enter: Control Flag: SUFFICIENT

Click Provider Specific and enter all the Active Directory related settings.
Check here for a how to.

Usually, depending on the priority that you want the providers to have, you may want to change the Control Flag from REQUIRED to SUFFICIENT in the DefaultAuthenticator of WLS, too.

To check if it works:
Restart Weblogic
Go to
Security Realms
My realm
Users and Groups
There you must be able to see the users and groups of your Active Directory.

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