17 July 2011

How to set the client and server VM option in JDeveloper

How to set it
Right click you project
Go to Run/Debug/Profile
Select the option you prefer from the Virtual Machine drop down list.

Now when you run you application you ll see the switch in the java run.

Strange behavior
When running the BC tester or a typical java app it seems to take the setting. When running ViewController it ignores it. Strange...

What is client and server VM  options
Regarding the  the client and server VM options you can check my other post - Difference between -client and -server JVM command line options.
In 2 words: The client system is optimal for applications which need fast startup times or small footprints, the server system is optimal for applications where the overall performance is most important. In general the client system is better suited for interactive applications such as GUIs. Some of the other differences include the compilation policy,heap defaults, and inlining policy.

JRockit  client and server VM  options
Make sure when you run your Fusion applications over JRockit not to have the -client option in your java run.
Check my other post - Difference between -client and -server JVM command line options  for more.

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