12 November 2010

TROUBLESHOOTING: ADF UI layout components cannot inherit width from trinidad components.

The very nice article Layout Tips - Organizing page content using  by Jobinesh, triggered some memories on combining ADF layout coomponents and trinidad:

  • ADF components cannot see trinidad components.
    • So if for eaxmple you put a trinidad cell to have width=979 and the PanelBox inside it width=100%, then the PanelBox will be cropped.
    • Also if you put ADF component, Trinidad, ADF component and in 1st ADF component you specify the width in pixels, you CANNOT put 100% in the 2nd AF component cos it won’t see it because if the trinidad in between.
    • BUT if you put trinidad cell with width= xx, ADF cpmponent eg. Panel Box, and then another trinidad table [trinidad_table, adf_component, trinidad_table], then you can tell the last  table to be 100% and it will underastand that it will be 100% of the above cell

  • Best practises:
·        [Trinidad_table: width=###px],  [Panel_Something: no width[sd1] ], [Trinidad_table: width=100%][sd2] 
·        [Trinidad_table: width=###px],  [Panel_Something: no width], [adf:component: width=100%][sd3] 

 [sd1]Will take its above trinidad

 [sd2]Will understand the above trinidad component, that is the 2nd above component

 [sd3]Will understand cos above component is adf

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