02 November 2010

Dynamically changing the View Object's query WHERE clause

Excellent post by Nick:

I am just providing his code eg here

    protected boolean buildWhereClause(StringBuffer sqlBuffer, int noBindVars) {

        // call ViewObjectImpl's buildWhereClause() to allow the framework to do its processing
        boolean hasWhereClause = super.buildWhereClause(sqlBuffer, noBindVars);

        if (hasWhereClause) { // framework added a WHERE clause
            // modify the WHERE clause as needed
        else { // framework did not add a WHERE clause, so we need to add it ourselves
            // add a WHERE clause here
            hasWhereClause = true; // ensure that is set to notify the framework

        return hasWhereClause; // return true/false to indicate whether a WHERE clause was added

Use the link above for more.

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