29 November 2010

Display Application Module Pool Statistics

Again by Nick
just reposting some of the code

// helper to dump pool statistics to log
    private void dumpAMPoolStatistics() {
        // get the pool manager
        PoolMgr poolMgr = PoolMgr.getInstance();
        // get the pools managed
        Enumeration keys = poolMgr.getResourcePoolKeys();
        if (keys != null) {
            if (keys.hasMoreElements()) {
                // may manage many pools, we will get the name of first one managed
                String poolname = (String)keys.nextElement();
                System.out.println("AM pool name: " + poolname);
                // get the AM pool
                ApplicationPool pool =
                // log AM pool diagnostics
                PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(System.out, true);
                pool.dumpPoolStatistics(new PrintWriter(out));

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