17 November 2010

Possible ADF BUG? af:popup's property autoCancel="disabled" does not work in deployed apps

In a previous how to "Keep Popup open even if you navigate to another page and return or set autocanel prop", we tried to control when the popup closes. 

Unfortunately, if you have spitted your Application (AppTotal) 
into multiple Applications (AppMain , AppPart1, AppPart2, ...), 
that is 
         App = AppTotal = AppMain + AppPart1 + AppPart2 + ...
and you use  autoCancel="disabled" in a part of a splitted app  (AppPart1, AppPart2, ...) 
that you deploy and use it from the AppMain, 
the property does not work.


  1. Hi,

    I am using a popup in autocancel=disabled.
    It works great in embeded server.
    But when I deploy it in weblogic server.
    It gives the below error.
    OracleJSP error: oracle.jsp.parse.JspParseException:
    Error: "autoCancel" is not a valid attribute name.

  2. Hi Rocky!
    According to your error, it does not expect to find this attribute in af:popup. Most probably, since in the embedded WLS works ok, there is something wrong in you WLS installation. Check the ADF libs in your WLS installation. Is this the only problem you have? That is the rest of the pages are working ok?



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