19 November 2010

Get only the selected rows of the VO when you are in one of its rows (RowImpl)

In your RowImp use this.getViewObject().createRowSetIterator(null):

public class EmployeesViewRowImpl extends ViewRowImpl {
     * Sets value as attribute value for SALARY using the alias name Salary.
     * @param value value to set the SALARY
    public void setSalary(Number value) {
        RowSetIterator it = this.getViewObject().createRowSetIterator(null);
        while (it.hasNext()) {
            EmployeesViewRowImpl rowOfThisClass = (EmployeesViewRowImpl)it.next();
            System.out.println("\trowOfThisClass.getLastName()= " +  


        setAttributeInternal(SALARY, value);



public final ViewObject getViewObject()

Gets the View Object to which this row belongs.
the View Object.

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